Spire Archer ICE Vertical Ergonomic Mouse -SP-M4003-USB


Arched, vertical design
Ergonomic comfort
Button placement to reduce finger stress
Back – Forward button
DPI Switch ( 1000 / 1600 DPI )
Large palm rest, better arm position
Suitable for long computing hours
3D Optical sensor for better accuracy
What's wrong with the standard mouse?
The shape of a standard mouse requires the user to rotate the forearm to put the hand palm turned down onto the mouse. This provides a continuous load on the forearm muscles. The rotary
movements that are made from the wrist to move the mouse heavily burden the forearm muscles.
A preventive solution is the use of an ergonomic vertical mouse, keyboard and polymath. Through the use of an ergonomically vertical mouse,  a more natural position of the forearm is stimulated.
The vertical grip and buttons promote a natural posture of the hand, wrist and lower and upper arm and protect the user from the unnatural posture as in the regular "flat" mouse.

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