Spire Archer 8 Vertical Ergonomic Mouse -SP-M4008-USB


Right-handed ergonomic mouse
Vertical slightly arched design
Ergonomic comfort and relief
Button placement to reduce finger stress
Large palm rest, no twisted arm position
Suitable for long computing hours
Optical sensor works on wood, leather, marble, etc.
Long 1.8m cable with USB connector
Plug & Play, work standard with Windows and Mac
What's wrong with the standard mouse?
The shape of a standard mouse requires the user to rotate the forearm to put the hand palm turned down onto the mouse. This provides a continuous load on the forearm muscles. The rotary
movements that are made from the wrist to move the mouse heavily burden the forearm muscles.
A preventive solution is the use of an ergonomic vertical mouse, keyboard and polymath. Through the use of an ergonomically vertical mouse,  a more natural position of the forearm is stimulated.
The vertical grip and buttons promote a natural posture of the hand, wrist and lower and upper arm and protect the user from the unnatural posture as in the regular "flat" mouse.

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