CiT Raider Mid Tower Tempered Glass Side & Front Window Panels BLACK RGB CASE


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- Stylish Exterior: 4mm thick tempered glass front panel and a full tempered glass left side panel not only give the Raider a professional look but allow you to show off the lighting coming from your Spectrum fans.
- Fans: Supports up to eight fans with four Dual-Ring Halo Spectrum fans included to give your case some added colour in your finished build.
- Water-Cooling Support: As well as supporting eight fans the Raider supports a radiator up to 240mm at the front, at the top a radiator up to 240mm and at the back a 120mm radiator to give you extensive cooling support.
- PCB Hub: A PCB hub is included and can fit up to 10 devices, 8 5pin fans and 2 LED strips. The PCB hub comes with a 4-pin Molex for easy connectivity and a 3-pin ASUS connector is also included connecting to your motherboard so you have the choice of how you want to control your LEDs.
- RF Controller: The RF remote controller included gives you the option of six single colours and several different lighting modes so you can stand out from the crowd. With the remote controller being RF it makes it easier and more efficient when you come to change your LED lighting.
- I\O Ports: Easy accessible 1 x USB2.0, 2 x USB 3.0 ports on the top with transfer speeds of 5Gbps, which means you can connect to a range of media devices.
- Removable Dust Filters: A dust filter on the top and bottom of the Raider helps to prevent dust from getting into your build and helps improve the performance of your chassis.

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